The Ultrasun range is non-greasy, water resistant and easy to use which makes them ideal for everyone in the family.  Each Ultrasun product is free from emulsifiers and perfume reducing the risk of allergy, making them especially suitable for children and those with sensitive skin types. 

Designed and created by Swiss sun care experts to deliver a unique and revolutionary once-a-day applications formulation unlike any other. Offering protection even while swimming, towel drying and showering, the hypo allergenic, fragrance free formulations will also help to prevent prickly heat.  

One 150ml bottle, if used correctly, will give protection for one person for up to two weeks.


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  • Family 30 SPF 150ml

    Family 30 SPF 150ml

    Very sensitive formula. SPF30. Once-a-day application.
  • Sports 20 SPF 125ml

    Sports 20 SPF 125ml

    Transparent gel sports formula. SPF20. Once-a-day application.

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