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Pure Elixir 02 - Trio

A total saving of £10.00

Pure Elixir 02 SMART Sleep Supplement is specifically formulated to support a longer, deeper sleep, while promoting a healthy balance of micro flora in the intestinal environment.  Giving back your glow.

Using a unique blend of active, natural ingredients and high strength live bacteria probiotics to work from within to reduce stress and anxiety on the body and to calm. 

30 capsules per box.

Works in perfect harmony with Pure Elixir 01

Is Pure Elixir 02 suitable for vegetarians or vegans?

Yes, 02 contains no animal products

Can men take Pure Elixir 02?

Yes, 02 is suitable for everyone, except pregnant mothers

Are there any additives?

Pure Elixir supplements contain only active level ingredients and those required to make the supplement safe and deliver a consistant dose of ingredients

How many Pure Elixir 02 capsules do I take per day?

Just one capsule per day, with water and your evening meal

Can I take Pure Elixir 01 and 02 at the same time?

Yes, having a healthy gut bacteria helped by 02, will increase the vitamn absorption of 01 making it more effective.

Are there any allergens in Pure Elixir 02 supplements?

Always check the ingredients list and if you do have an allergy please consult your health practiotiner before taking.

Can I take Pure Elixir 02 when pregnant?

Unfortunately not, it is advised not to take Lemon Balm when pregnant

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