When oily skin is at its most radiant it looks great and we hope we can help keep it looking that way. 

Naturally occurring lipids play such an important role in the look of our skin, but sometimes we can have too much of a good thing. The best products are those that help to gently bring balance to overactive skin by removing excess oil, leaving you looking fresh-faced.

Complement your skin care regime with cleansing and specific concentrates specially indicated for oily or combination skin.  Unsure which product is best then visit your local Luminis for professional therapist advice.


Oily or Combination Skin

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  • Family 30 SPF 150ml

    Family 30 SPF 150ml

    Very sensitive formula. SPF30. Once-a-day application.
  • Face 30 SPF 50ml

    Face 30 SPF 50ml

    Anti-ageing formula. SPF30. Once-a-day application.
  • Sports 20 SPF 125ml

    Sports 20 SPF 125ml

    Transparent gel sports formula. SPF20. Once-a-day application.

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