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Clinical Study


Females aged 35-65
Healthy female volunteers that in the opinion and experience of the Principal Investigator and Clinical Research Team displayed aged skin with adequate wrinkles for a statistically significant breakout to be observed should the product be effective.
Typically aged between 35 and 65 with a minimum of grade II.B on the glogau scale defined as; early to moderate Photoaging: early brown spots visible, keratosis palpable but not visible, parallel smile lines beginning to appear, and the display of wrinkles in motion.

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Pure Elixir wanted to be sure that thier Pure Elixir 01 supplements work. The best way to do this was through an independent clinical trial.

Princeton Consumer research were commissioned to undertake an extensive randomised, single blind, placebo controlled clinical trial. Princeton Consumer is a global leader in the clinical product testing industry specialising in safety, efficacy and acceptability studies

The objective of this study was to determine the efficacy of an anti-ageing product compared to a placebo product in a parallel study group design using full-face applications under single-blind conditions. During the trial half the group were randomly selected to take the market ready formula PE01 ( Pure Elixir 01) and the other half took a placebo.                                                                   

The tests confirmed the following:

•   23% reduction in lines and wrinkles at week 8
•   Statistically significant reduction in lines around the eyes of all  PE01 test subjects 
•   Smoother skin on all test subjects

Clinical Terms

Randomised: Volunteers are selected at random to either take PE01 or the placebo.

Single Blind: The recipients did not know whether they were receiving PE01 or the placebo.

Placebo: This was made to look exactly the same as PE01, but with no active ingredients.