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dreaming of better sleep?

We all need sleep and getting a good nights sleep is key to your health and wellness. We need time to rest and repair, to be mentality and physically at our peak, continuously.

So how do you induce the perfect nights sleep we hear you ask? Well, we asked our very own Luminis sleep guru, Sally, who knows a thing or two about getting your optimum sleep being a working Mum with 2 busy boys and a self confessed sleep-aholic. Here's Sally top tips;


  1. Make sleep a priority. Create a routine that allows you to have 7-8 hours a night. Even if you have little sleep thief's that steal snuggles in the night, factor that in, even if it means forgoing that Netflix binge for an extra hour in bed.
  2. Stick to light meals in the evening to avoid any full, bloated feelings at night. I personally struggle to digest after 6pm, but if I'm running behind I swear by Digestive Enzymes from Just For Tummies by Linda Booth, they'll give you that great gut feeling day and night.
  3. Avoid alcohol – I love a glass as wine as much as the next person, but it oh boy this is so disruptive to a good nights sleep. You may drop off into a deep slumber but you reduce the REM part of your sleep, where you dream. Your body is working on processing the alcohol rather than cellular repair which is vital to your bodies long and short term health. I'm not saying don't enjoy, just responsibly.
  4. Consider a supplement. If your sleep issues are more deep rooted, our friends at Pure Elixir have the answer. PE02 SMART Sleep Supplement uses a unique blend of active, natural ingredients and high strength Live Bacteria Probiotics to work from within to reduce stress and anxiety on the body and calm the nervous system, building our bodies resistance to stress. 
  5. Make a to do list. If you get overcome with anxiety when things get quiet  try writing everything down each day. All this chatter swirls around your brain, stopping you from sleeping. So, spend five minutes, write it all down, put your thoughts/to do list on paper. Then go to bed.


Sleep well!