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Pure Elixir 01

SMART Age Supplement - 1 box

Pure Elixir 01 SMART Age Supplement uses ingredients found in our everyday foods such as Marine Collagen, Vitamins E and C, Soy Isoflavones and tomato extract, providing a convenient and highly effective way of what Pure Elixir call "SMART Skin" management to tackle some of the main causes of skin ageing.  Packed with powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidising ingredients, this ingestible supplement works from the inside to tackle skin ageing and delivers clinically proven results. 30 capsules per box.

Clinically proven to reduce lines and wrinkles by up to 23% at just 8 weeks



Does Pure Elixir 01 have any side effects?

Pure Elixir 01 has been clinically tested and was shown not to have any side effects.  Always follow the usage instructions, it can then safely form part of your daily skincare routine.  If you have any concerns contact your health practitioner.

Can men take Pure Elixir 01?

Yes, however clinical tests to prove efficiency have only been conducted on women.  Women were chosen as they tend to be more diligent with a regime and have more ageing concerns.

Is Pure Elixir 01 suitable for vegetarians and/or vegans?

No as Pure Elixir 01 contains Marine Collagen sourced from fish.

Are there any additives?

Pure Elixir supplements contain only active level ingredients and those required to make the supplement safe and deliver a consistant dose of ingredients

 Are there any allergens in Pure Elixir 01 supplements?

Always check the ingredients list and if you do have an allergy please consult your health practiotiner before taking.

Will the benefits only be visible on my face?

Pure Elixir is taken orally allowing the active ingredients to reach the bloodstream and ultimately the whole body.  You may notice it working more on your face and hands as these areas are most at risk of damage from environmental factors.

Can I take Pure Elixir with other medication/supplements?

Always check with your health practitionar if taking other medication/supplements.  It is advisable to check your RDA if taking other supplements, although it is unlikely you can overdose on viatmins the majority are just expelled from the body wasting you time and money and gaining no additional benefit

How many Pure Elixir 01 capsules do I take per day?

Just one capsule per day, with water and food

Can I take Pure Elixir 01 and 02 at the same time?

Yes, having a healthy gut bacteria helped by 02, will increase the vitamn absorption of 01 making it more effective.


By Denise
2nd August 2017
My skin improved significantly after taking it
My skin before Pure Elixir was certainly good for my age but it has undoubtedly improved significantly after taking it. Large pores on my cheeks have gone, fine lines have softened and there has also been an improvement to my décolletage area. The skin on my arms and legs is also smoother. I am frequently taken for much younger than my years and enjoy the glow to my skin Pure Elixir has given me. On days when I have no time to put make-up on, I can happily go without as my skin has a radiance that gives me confidence. I firmly believe that Pure Elixir has brought about these improvements to my skin and I no longer spend lots on expensive moisturisers and creams. I just need an SPF moisturiser and I'm good to go
By Jan O
12th February 2016
Definite improvement in my skin
I have been taking Pure Elixir for a few months now and have noticed several improvements. The first was that my cheeks seemed more plump and my complexion brighter. Then I noticed that the skin on the back of my hands had more elasticity -and a persistent patch of eczema by my ring finger has completely disappeared - no other product or supplement has ever achieved that.
I am so happy with Pure Elixir and wouldn't be without it.
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Pure Elixir 01

  • Pure Elixir 01
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