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Pure Elixir 01 Smart Age Supplement


Clinically proven to reduce lines and wrinkles by up to 23% at just 8 weeks 

Providing a convenient and highly effective way of 'Smart Skin' management, Pure Elixir 01 tackles some of the main causes of skin ageing.

Created from passion and belief that good nutrition feeds the body and the skin, Pure Elixir offers the link between skin care and nutrition. Containing only active levels of ingredients and no bulking agents, Pure Elixir 01 delivers visibly brighter and smoother looking skin on both face and body, revealing a more even skin tone.

Safe to take daily as part of an existing skincare routine, Pure Elixir 01 is particularly effective in supporting the skin's collagen levels. Pure Elixir 01 SMART Age Supplement uses ingredients found in our everyday foods such as Marine Collagen, Vitamins E and C, Soy Isoflavones and tomato extract, providing a convenient and highly effective way of what Pure Elixir call "SMART Skin" management to tackle some of the main causes of skin ageing. 

Packed with powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidising ingredients, this ingestible supplement works from the inside to tackle skin ageing and delivers clinically proven results. 

At Luminis Beauty we believe this should be part of every woman's skincare routine.

30 capsules per box.

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